Mary-Ann, Auchmithie

This blog post features a snippet from the first instalment of an ongoing project I am working on to document the people and places that make Scotland so diverse and unique. 

I recently met up with Mary-Ann, a South African artist living upon the red cliffs tops of Auchmithie, a quaint traditional harbour town on the east coast of Scotland. From the moment I first met Mary-Ann at her studio, a renovated pumphouse that once provided fresh water to the neighbouring farmland, I knew I had to ask her to be a part of my project. 

Mary-Ann is a lovely soul who was more than willing to share her personal story and artwork with me. She crafts beautifully vibrant sculptures from rubbish salvaged from the pebble beach outside her studio.  Her work takes on a colourful and playful form, inspired by light and joy, bringing life back into the debris to create a new form of expression. Not only is Mary-Ann's artwork incredibly beautiful but she has also tirelessly worked to restore the community bond within the village and is a catalyst for cleaning up the beach.

To see more of Mary-Ann's work visit